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Slit seeding

Seeding London Ontario

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Slit seeding


Do you have bare patches or just a "plain old" thin lawn? 


  Slit Seeding is by far the most effective process for introducing new seed to poor turf and is important for thickening lawns or thin areas of your lawn.


  A slit seeder cuts through the exsisting soil and thin turf, and inserts the seed directly into soil. This process will dramatically increase the germination rate of the seed used. 


  A thick healthy lawn can discourage weeds and is a great defense against grubs and other lawn pests. Slit seeding is most effective when it is done in the Spring or Fall. 


  If your lawn is thinning out, appearing weak or just not as healthy looking as it should be, we recommend slit seeding your lawn. Slit seeding with a quality grass seed will rejuvenate your lawn, keeping it thicker and healthier. 


If you have any questions about this service, please give us a call . . . we would be glad to answer them for you!

Lawn care London Ontario

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Seeding London Ontario

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